Link Group has extensive experience delivering end-to-end meeting services for clients in the public, private and government sectors and has conducted thousands of meetings including virtual, physical and hybrid events.

Our specialist meeting teams plan and manage all aspects of clients’ meetings; ensuring clients receive a successful best-practice meeting.

Our services and technology enable attendees in any location to participate in meetings anywhere, and any time.

Virtual Meetings

Link Group is a market-leading provider of virtual meeting services and was first to market in 2015 with our proprietary virtual/hybrid meeting solution in Australia and New Zealand.

Our online meeting platform enables companies to hold virtual and hybrid meetings, and enable attendees to participate in meetings, lodge votes and ask questions from the convenience and safety of their home.

We provide a comprehensive end-to-end suite of services required to facilitate a virtual meeting including; full webcasting, audio visual production and conferencing services.


  • Online registration – Shareholder, proxyholder, member, and visitor registration online
  • Live webcast - Live webcast with synchronised slides
  • Questions - Ask questions online or via phone
  • Voting - Ability to vote online or via phone
  • Moderator function - All online questions are vetted by moderator and passed to Chairperson
  • Live chat - Q&A online between moderator and participant
  • Conference call - Shareholders can participate via phone for those without internet
  • NOM/Annual Report - Notice of Meeting (NOM) and Annual Report and meeting documents available online
  • Archived events - All webcasts are hosted for 5 years


  • Join online meeting via any device
  • Vote and ask questions online or by phone
  • Any combination of video and audio webcast presented live as a single view with synchronised slides
  • Real-time reporting
  • Real-time polling
  • Secure, easy to access
  • No special app required
  • Anyone can join from anywhere in the world


  • Reduced meeting costs
  • Increased participation
  • Accessible for less mobile participants
  • Eliminate travel expenses and save time for participants
  • Environmentally friendly

For further information on Link's Virtual Meetings please contact us on +61 2 8280 7100 or