The Share Sale Centre provides investors with a simple and affordable alternative to traditional sale services provided by stockbrokers. This service is available for Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) issuer sponsored holdings (denoted by a Securityholder Reference Number or SRN) and holdings must be disposed of in full. Link can also assist with the sale of securities on behalf of deceased estates.

If you are sponsored by a participant (denoted by a Holder Identification Number or HIN) you will need to contact your sponsoring participant or stockbroker.

If you are looking for investment advice or want to buy (and sell) shares regularly, then you should consult a stockbroker. If you don't have a relationship with a broker, or are looking for a new broker, the Australian Securities Exchange can assist you with a list of available brokers.

For more information on terms, conditions and eligible issuers please contact Link Market Services on +61 1300 554 474.