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We require instructions in writing before some changes can be made to your personal holding record details. For your convenience we have provided printable versions of some commonly requested forms. Just click on the relevant link below and follow the instructions. Our postal address can be located on the Contacts page.

Change of Address Notification (41KB)
Notify the registry of change of address.

Direct Credit instructions (40KB)
Notify Link Market Services Limited of bank details for direct credit of dividends. (Where offered by a company)

Letter of Authority (200KB)
To be completed by a securityholder wishing to give authority to a third party to obtain certain information about a holding. Only certain information will be disclosed and confirmed.The form does not give authority for the third party to make changes to a securityholder's holding.

Letter of Representation - for Companies only (38KB)
Any Corporate securityholder wishing to appoint a person to act as its representative at a meeting may do so by providing that person with a Letter of Representation executed in accordance with the securityholder's constitution and the Corporations Act 2001.

Minor Statement and Indemnity (16KB)
To be completed in conjunction with the Transfer of Ownership Form when transferring shares from a minor to a parent or guardian.

Merge Multiple Holdings (180KB)
Notify the registry to merge two or more of your Issuer Sponsored holdings that share the same registered name and address.

Merge Multiple Holdings (Employee Share Plans) (234KB)

Name Correction (42KB)
Make minor corrections to securityholder name

Overseas Statutory Declaration (25KB)
Overseas Statutory Declaration

Request for Transmission (Surviving Joint Holder) (6KB)
Transmit holdings to surviving joint holder(s).

Section 1071(b) (25KB)
Probate granted in another Australian State

Small Estates Statement and Indemnity (26KB)
Small Estate Statement and Indemnity

Statutory Declaration of Indemnity Next of Kin (24KB)
Statutory Declaration of Indemnity Next of Kin

Statutory Declaration Name Correction for Estate (7KB)
Statutory Declaration Name Correction for Estate

Tax File Number notification (39KB)
Notify Link Market Services Limited of your tax file number

Transfer of Ownership (137KB)
Transfer of ownership between individuals or private interests.
Includes instructions for the transfer of stock to family member, friends or others.

Transmission Application (25KB)
Transfer to executor(s) of estate

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