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The Link Group

The Link Group is comprised of members of the Pacific Equity Partners Limited (PEP) private equity portfolio.


In Australia the Link Group includes Link Market Services Limited, delivering the full spectrum of registry and capital market services, employee share services provider Equity Plan Solutions, company secretarial services provider Company Matters and print and mail services provider CMR Direct. The Link Group is also the leading specialist in Superannuation Administration in Australia, providing services through Australian Administration Services (AAS), Primary Superannuation Services (PSS), The Australian Superannuation Group (TASG) and Link Super, and complemented by the provision of financial planning services through Money Solutions.


Globally, the Link Group provides registry services through Link Market Services in Australia, the American Stock Transfer & Trust Company (AST) in the United States, Canadian Stock Transfer (CST) in Canada, registrar services in Germany and the United Arab Emirates, Link Intime in India, Link South Africa, Link New Zealand, and PNG Registries in Papua New Guinea. We provide share ownership analysis, market intelligence and investor relations services through Orient Capital in Australia, the United Kingdom, France, Hong Kong and South Africa.

In addition, the Global Share Alliance, comprised of Link Market Services, AST, CST, Equiniti Group, Tricor Group and Wells Fargo Shareowner Services, provide integrated registry and related services across diverse global markets. For more information on the GSA, please click here


The Link Group of Companies prides itself on its professional culture, constant growth and far-sighted ambition. To fulfill its vision, the Link Group continues to invest in the very best people, systems and processes. We provide international issuers with global equity solutions and market consultative services, and provide local organisations with an enhanced service offering and efficiencies afforded by our global network.

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Link Group

Link Group

Global registry and financial services provider.

Link Market Services

Registry and financial services provider in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Orient Capital

Share ownership analysis and investor relations provider in Australasia, Asia, UK, Europe and Africa.


Registry and financial services provider in the United States.


Registry and financial services provider in Canada.

Link Intime

Registry and financial services provider in India.

Company Matters

Company secretarial and legal services provider in Australia.


Superannuation fund administrator in Australia.

Link Super

Superannuation fund administrator in Australia.

Equity Plan Solutions

Global employee equity plan specialists.

Money Solutions

Financial advice and education service provider in Australia.

CMR Direct

Mail and print house in Australia.


Global registry and financial services alliance.

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